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Hi! My name is Alisha and I developed this blog with the primary aim to motivate and inspire people from all over the world to achieve their goals in life, to empower and share what I've learnt through personal experiences and studies in TCM and complementary medicines.

To live a happy, healthy and mindful life can be challenging for many people, as most of us are too busy to pause and enjoy the little joys in life. Therefore, i started this blog to share some bite-size articles that help you gain essential and practical information & knowledge to cultivate healthy habits and live a mindful life.

Achieving goals sometimes seems difficult for many of us; lack of motivation, persistence, and perseverance are the major obstacles. If you are seeking ways to push yourself toward your goals, you are at the right place. Keep going and pushing until you achieve your goals, never give up, and never forget to celebrate little wins! Life is a gift - i want you all to live a happy, healthy & fulfilling life!


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